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The Spring of Distributed Photovoltaic Generation

In the forenoon of 5th Jan. 2017, the National Energy Administration released the 13th Five Year Plan of Energy Development and Renewable Energy Development, it was reported in the plan that by 2020, the PV installation should reach 105 million KW and it focuses on Distributed PV.

Nowadays, PV power installation’s annual average increase is about more than 12 million KW, to achieve substantial increase based on current installation volume, the biggest breakthrough will be the development of distributed PV generation. Different from Ground PV power station, distributed PV generation is facing the user clients market, has small installation capacity, large quantity, and convenient installation. The future focus of development of solar power is mainly to enhance the use of distributed PV system and promote the PV technology, to encourage the cities that have good commercial and industrial foundation to actively generalize distributed PV projects, to encourage more house-owners to install distributed PV generation, and to let more residents join in the 13th Five-Year Plan, to leave themselves a reliable investment, make contributions to the optimization and reform of China energy structure.

The 13th Five Year Plan put forward that distributed PV generation should be combined with a perfect mechanism and the reformation of electricity price, and we should promote transactions, lower transactions costs, give full play in its advantages, make state subsidies implemented at an earlier date, and encourage investors to participate in distributed PV generation investment and construction. Meanwhile market resources disposition should be tried out, and the “pacemaker” plan should be carried out, to promote advanced photovoltaic technology and the application of solar products.

Put simply, distributed PV generation will be hot in 2017! We are facing a market explosion of distributed PV generation, entering a new era, witnessing it realizing in millions of families.

Mibet Energy will not miss this new era. Every company in PV industry are eager for embracing this era, and preparing to strive for more market share. Mibet Energy also has the ambitions to win a good position!

Good tools are essential things. If you want to gain a foothold in distributed PV market, you must rely on technological advantages. Mibet Energy has researched and developed a new MRac Distributed PV Power System, which will bring more benefit for users, which also express Mibet Energy’s confidence to win in the would-be PV market war.

MRac Distributed PV System 

MRac Distributed Power Generation System is independent power station, the users could control this system by themselves. No severe power failure will happened because of its safety and reliability.

MRac Distributed Power Generation System can make up the lack of security and stability of large power grid. It will continues to supply power when unexpected disasters happened, which will be an indispensable important supplement for centralized power supply.

MRac Distributed Power Generation System has real-time monitor on the quality of regional electric power and performance. It is a very suitable power supply for the residents in rural areas, pastoral areas, mountains, developing medium and small cities, and commercial districts. It can greatly reduce the pressure for environmental protection.

MRac Distributed Power Generation System’s service life is 25 years, the installation payback period will be 5-6 years, which means, in the subsequent 20 years, you will have pure income without electricity cost!


In the emerging solar photovoltaic industry, at this era of distributed PV, Mibet Energy will and must have its position!

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