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Smart portable solar generator


Brief Introduction

1.MRac Portable Solar System( Hereafter: MRac PSS) is a new type of solar PV mobile generator. MRac PSS is modularizedly composed of solar PV modules, solid maintenance-free batteries, control system, DC-AC inverter unit, and other components.

2.The generator is controlled under computer smart chips which can provide multiple protection, indicate the remaining generated power and alarm when battery is too low;

3. The product has four 12V DC output ports on which the maximum load could be 10A and 120W and two complimentary 5m outdoor LED lighting systems;

4.  The maxium current of  the two 5V USB charging ports is 1A for the power requirement of any model of mobile phones or tablet PC; the charging plugs of differtent standards can be used for various brands of mobile phones, such as iPhone, Sumsung, HTC, etc;

5.  The generator can output 220V or 110V alternating current with universal safe sockets which will meet different power standard worldwide; Except for being charged from solar energy, the generator can also be quickly charged by charger; if you go hiking, you can also use charging socket in your car to store power into the generator.


  1. Environment friendly, non-pollution;

  2. Multi-functional, multi-purpose;

  3. Easy to carry;

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Carbon steel factory owns 15 steel rolling production lines, and 4 solar stent aluminum production lines.

Carbon steel and solar stent aluminum production lines.jpg

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