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MRac MRL-80W LED Solar Street Light

Brief Introduction

Store energy that generated by solar panels to batteries at daytime. When night falls, the street light will be turned on automatically by the controller, which senses the diming daylight, and be supported by power from batteries. The streetlight will work at full power before2 a.m., and work at half power afterwards. Can work 12 hours per day and last even in 3~4 raining days.

Technical Parameters



  1. Above system configurations are designed working time: 11-12hrs per night, battery capacity with continuous 3-4 days backup.

  2. The configuration is based on scientific calculation and engineering project experience.

  3. The batteries are suggested to be placed in several below ways with battery box for your choice.

  4. The Galvanized pole is standardized practical model recommended by us. It can be customized with more patterns available according to clients specific requirement.

  5. All Parts are CE/IEC Rohs certified, with high quality level meeting European standards.

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Carbon steel factory owns 15 steel rolling production lines, and 4 solar stent aluminum production lines.


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