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MRac Ground Terrace II


Brief Introduction

MRac Ground Terrace II is a highly pre-assembled ground mounting system can be applied to large commercial and utility scale installations, totally aluminium with good corrosion-resistant capability. With the efficient structure design, MRac Ground Terrace II saves installation time and minimizes costly labour for developers, operators and installers when delivering large scale projects.

Technical Parameter

Installation SiteOpen terrain – ground mount
Ground Clearance500-2000mm
Installation Angle5-60°
Wind Load80m/s
Snow Load1.6KN/m2
PV ModulesFramed, unframed
Module OrientationPortrait or landscape
StandardsAS/NZS 1170

DIN 1055

JIS C 8955:2011

International   Building Code IBC 2009

California   Building Code CBC 2010
Profile MaterialsAl6005-T5
Fasten PartsSUS304
Small ComponentsAl6005-T5
ColorSilvery or according to customer requirements
Warranty10 years


  1. Can quickly assemble with minimal components while maintain a strong structure, highly pre-assembled design minimizes labor cost, and don't need onsite cutting or drilling in our beams or rails.

  2. Flexible module layout, can be applied to both vertical and landscape.

  3. By using the customized U-shaped posts, GT II can be applied to various soil conditions, and the U-shaped beam maximizes the strength of whole structure.

  4. Single supporting arm and double supporting arms are both available. The efficient structural design minimizes material usage making it economical solution.

  5. Strict QC over all component and finished products ensure the reliability and strength with a longer service life.

Product Structure Diagram


Components List

End Clamp KitInter Clamp KitC Clamp KitRail
5.jpg6.jpg立柱底座A - 副本.jpg立柱底座B.jpg
Rail Splice Kit

GT2 Pre-assembled


Post Plate APost Plate B

Hexagon Bolt Kit with Corrugated gasket


Hexagonal Bolt Kit  M12*95Hexagonal Bolt Kit  M12*35

Installation Guide

  1. Install U Post

  2. Install Square Joint Kit

  3. Install the Pre-assembled GT2 Support

  4. Install Rail

  5. Install Solar Panels

  6. Complete

Reference Projects



Carbon steel factory owns 15 steel rolling production lines, and 4 solar stent aluminum production lines.


Installation Guide

MRac Installation Guideline for Ground Terrace II 07 Jan 2016.pdf

MRac Installation Guideline for Ground Terrace II (for thin film panels).pdf

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