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MRac Ground Terrace I

Brief Introduction

MRac Ground Terrace I fits for large scale rooftop and ground site PV installation. Working with concrete bases, columns and/or ground screws to fix the system, MRac GT I makes your installation convenient and cost effective to meet your specific requirements. MRac GT I delivers a elegant appearance without damage to your rooftop and keep reliable structural strength when fixed onto the concrete bases or ground screws.


  1. Easy Installation: The practical and economical design of MRac Ground Terrace I makes it time and cost effective;

  2. Versatile Application: Can be installed on various existing rooftop and open field, highly customized;

  3. Good Compatibility: System is compatible with most of the major framed and frameless PV panels in the market, align panels for optimization;

  4. High Quality: Optimized structure design; Supreme corrosion resistance ability;

  5. 10-Year Guarantee: Strict quality control over the materials and finished products.

Product Structure Diagram


Components List

Diamond End Clamp KitDiamond Inter Clamp KitBeamBeam Connector
Side BeamTriangle JointerFront SupportBack Support
Inclined SupportBack Side SupportAdjustable Base

Installation Guide

  1. Make concrete bases with embedded bolts according to the solution drawing;

  2. Fasten Adjustable Bases to the embedded bolts on concrete bases;

  3. Connnect Front Supports and Back Supports to the Side Beams;

  4. Connect the assembled Front Supports, Back Supports and Side Beams to Adjustable Beams, and then install Inclined Support;

  5. Install Beams;

  6. Install modules onto Beams with Diamond End Clamp Kits and Diamond U20 Inter Clamp Kits;

  7. The installation is complete.

Product Pictures


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Carbon steel factory owns 15 steel rolling production lines, and 4 solar stent aluminum production lines.

Carbon steel and solar stent aluminum production lines.jpg

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