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MRac Roof Matrix II(Adjustable Tripod Support)

Brief Introduction

MRac Roof Matrix II (RM II) is an aluminum flat roof solar mounting system. The triangle structural design guarantees the stability while ensuring fast and convenient installation of solar modules. The RM II could be designed to support one or two rows of solar modules on portrait or landscape orientation, which will adapt to various roof surfaces or specified requirements.

Technical Parameters

Installation SiteFlat rooftop
Installation Angle5-60°
Wind Load80m/s
Snow Load1.6KN/m2
PV ModulesFramed,unframed
Module OrientationPortait and Landscape
StandardsAS/NZS 1170

DIN 1055

JIS C 8955:2011

International   Building Code IBC 2009

California   Building Code CBC 2010
Profile MaterialAl6005-T5(Anodized)
Fasten PartsStell(Darot)
Small ComponentsAl6005-T5(Anodized)
ColorSilvery or according to customer requirements
Warranty10 years


  1. The optimized and simplified structure contributes to fast installation on site.

  2. The innovative mudsills could be applied on flat roofs or pitched roofs by concrete bases or C steel channels.

  3. Either single-row solution or double-row solution could be selected according to specific layout requiremen. Single and double rows, both can be ideal for making installation quick and cost-effective.

  4. Installation free association meets customer demand to a greater extent.

  5. Strict quality control ensures matrix stability and service life.

Product Structure Diagram


Components List

End Clamp KitInter Clamp KitC Clamp KitRail 45

Rail 45 SpliceAdjustable Tripod Support

Installation Guide

  1. Drill on concrete bases to install Expansion Bolts or embed the Embedded Bolts when making concrete bases at the positions indicated on the solution drawings.

  2. Fasten the pre-assembled Tripod Support on the Expansion Bolts(or Embedded Bolts) by C Clamp Kits.

  3. Put the Rails onto the Tripod Support, and the connect Rails by Splices if they need to be extended to the advised length.

  4. Fasten the Rails by C Clamp Kits.

  5. Install the solar modules according to the solution drawings by Inter Clamp Kits and End Clamp Kits.

  6. The installation is complete.

Reference Projects



Carbon steel factory owns 15 steel rolling production lines, and 4 solar stent aluminum production lines.

Carbon steel and solar stent aluminum production lines.jpg

Installation Guide


MRac  adjustable tripod installation guide on tin roof 30 Dec 2015.pdf


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