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MRac Multifunctional Angle Flyback IV


Brief Introduction

Multifunctional Angle Flyback IV is specially developed for both residential and commercial solar rooftop mounting solutions.


  1. Quick Installation: Quick and easy installation is promised due to our patented cross-module, rail and Angle Flyback.

  2. Versatile Mechanical Innovation: Multifunctional Angle Flyback IV is available for most types of Color Steel Tile roofs.

  3. Quality Guarantee: Strict QC offers a reliable structure with a longer life span.

Product List

Item No.MR-VI-14
PartsMultifunctional Angle Flyback V Main PartMultifunctional Angle Flyback V Mating PartHexagon Socket Head Bolt M8*20
Spring Washer M8.4Hexagon Mut M8
Package3300 sets/wooden case(760*645*630mm)


Reference Projects



Carbon steel factory owns 15 steel rolling production lines, and 4 solar stent aluminum production lines.

Carbon steel and solar stent aluminum production lines.jpg

Installation Guide

MRac Installationm Guideline for Steel Roof(Angle Flyback Ⅳ).pdf


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