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MRac High quality home use Power generator portable solar System


Brief Introduction

MRac Portable Solar System( Hereafter: MRac PSS) is a new type of solar PV mobile generator. MRac PSS is modularizedly composed of solar PV modules, solid maintenance-free batteries, control system, DC-AC inverter unit, and other components. The generator is controlled under computer smart chips which can provide multiple protection, indicate the remaining generated power and alarm when battery is too low;

The product has four 12V DC output ports on which the maximum load could be 10A and 120W and two complimentary 5m outdoor LED lighting systems; 

The maxium current of  the two 5V USB charging ports is 1A for the power requirement of any model of mobile phones or tablet PC; the charging plugs of differtent standards can be used for various brands of mobile phones, such as iPhone, Sumsung, HTC, etc.;

The generator can output 220V or 110V alternating current with universal safe sockets which will meet different power standard worldwide;

Except for being charged from solar energy, the generator can also be quickly charged by charger; if you go hiking, you can also use charging socket in your car to store power into the generator.


       The case of engerator is made of environment friendly ABS with high strength and light weight which make it easier to be carried in any circumstance such as hiking, camping, fishing and openfield works.

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Carbon steel factory owns 15 steel rolling production lines, and 4 solar stent aluminum production lines.


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